Embodying Radical Forgiveness

I am very much aware that recent astrological events are stirring the pot for many. For example, we have just witnessed a conjunction of 7 planets in a T square position - that has not occurred - and will not be repeated for centuries. This is referred to as a Cardinal Grand Cross.

This month will also be a witness to 5 Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, and this happens once every 832 years! And from a numerological perspective, as a friend noted on Facebook yesterday, this is a call for greater balance and enlightenment in our lives. Much more could be said of all of these things, but suffice it for now to simply mention - that while our emotions may be challenged at this time, we must work hard at not giving in to them or being ruled by them. It is a time of great change for many...

Yesterday, I thought of this as I prepared for my Yoga of Forgiveness course, by transcribing some elements from the "Finding Peace: Guided Practices for Radical Forgiveness" CD by Colin Tipping, who is the author of the book, Radical Forgiveness. Let me share some of this wonderful information with you, because it might prove helpful during this incredibly trying time that is inviting us all into greater change and transformation. And how appropriate it is to examine more deeply our relationships and work on releasing issues that impede our growth. What follows is an edited transcription of a section on the CD:

Radical Forgiveness implies that there is a different way of looking at life and living.

Radical Forgiveness asserts there is nothing to forgive because from a spiritual point of view - nothing wrong every happened. This asks us to open to a totally new way of looking at life and how it unfolds.

Radical Forgiveness asks that we bring empathy and compassion to a situation and that we be open to the possibility that we had a hand in creating the situation. At the spiritual level we are complicit in bringing that situation into being as an opportunity to learn and grown. We agree to be victims and perpetrators for a soul lesson. Things don't happen to us - they happen for us - thus shifting our perspective to a whole new way of looking at reality. Everything that happens, does so, for a reason.

Radical Forgiveness implies that we agreed to experience what we do in this lifetime. Therefore, our enemies are really angels who agreed to take on that role in our lives. And we attract those people into our lives that will mirror the places where we need to do the work.

There is of course, a lot more to this. Colin Tipping provides this wonderful Radical Forgiveness Worksheet and recommends writing three letters to release and forgive people and issues holding us back.

Consider looking into this book and its practices if it speaks to you in any way. It will enable you to weather the tempest and storms that will be with us for some time to come - as we evolve as a people and as a planet.


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