Longing for the River's Silence

Amidst so much busyness, I crave the silence and stillness within, that I often find, floating on the river...

And as always, messages arrive, from sundry places...

"As timely as a river, God's life passes into this world..."
~ Wendell Berry

"Silence is the place of reflection and contemplation,
and where we can connect with the deep knowing,
to the deep wisdom way."
~ Angeles Arriens

"Growth takes place in a person
by working at a deep inner level
in a sustained atmosphere of silence."
~ Dr. Ira Progoff

Silence beckons - like the ebb and flow of ocean tides - and the waves of the river - in a constant state of spanda - Divine pulsation - in an infinite expression of the eternal dance between contraction and expansion...

My heart and soul are carried by those waves - not knowing where I am going - but very much certain that it takes me where I must go, as it reveals in due time, all that I must know...

Like those waves, I too, am infinite, and they remind me that at my essence, I am always free...

I think of these words by Johnny Snyder, a world-class kayaker, who wisely observes:

"When you journey on this moving force of life, you learn how to coexist with it and use its power. When you connect with the river, you're connecting with the blood of the earth, the essence of life itself: water. I dance on the rivers - it's my meditation..."

Yes, I too - dance on the river - as my own meditation and journey into greater silence and healing...

The river is a metaphor for my life's journey, it reminds me that:

"The mouth of the river may be beautiful.
It doesn't remember the womb of its beginning.
It doesn't look back to where it's been
or wonder who ahead of it polished the rough stones."
~ Linda Hogan

I am once more called to journey more deeply inward, and to hug into my core - applying the principle of Muscular Energy, like the banks of the river - so that I can harness and once more reclaim the raw power within...

It is a long, lonely, but necessary journey and I must ford the river on my own. Yet, I am blessed by the presence of many dear soul companions on the banks of the river, cheering on, lending their quiet support, with a precious few, following me along the river's shores, on a parallel path...


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