The Art of Devotion and Blessings

I have a dear friend who always signs her letters and emails with "Blessings..."

A year or so ago - I remember my teacher, John Friend - the founder of Anusara Yoga say to a gathering of his teachers - that one of the most important practices we could ever do was to send blessings to others - especially to those we have difficulty with. He noted that we could radically shift the energy of a situation, a room, or even a person.

I have observed a significant shift in how I feel and act, since I have been doing the practices suggested in my previous blog entry. I am looking at situations or individuals that I couldn't imagine feeling positively about - very differently - with gentler eyes and a compassionate heart. There is a softness to how I am seeing and experiencing things. And, I breathe more deeply...All good!

I've come to realize that, that when we embody practices of forgiveness and gratitude - and send loving thoughts to all things and all people - it results in happiness and in aligning with the Divine. I think of these as devotional practices at their essence. Bhakti Yoga is the cultivation of the Yoga of Devotion.

I love this translation/interpretation of sutra 1.23 of the Yoga Sutras by Nischala Joy Devi:

"Boundless love and devotion unite us with the Divine Consciousness."

Yesterday, I finished and sent off to the printers, my latest poetry book, Embraced by the Divine. The process of writing this book was a year-long journey and one I have engaged in every year for the last six. It was truly an act of love and devotion...

I also wrote another practice to add to the ones listed in my previous entry:

"See everything as a blessing.
Turn everything into a blessing.
Send everyone a blessing.
BE a blessing!"

I know this practice will take me deeper. I invite you to join me - and watch your world and attitudes transform - with everything in it changing for the better!

For a copy of Embraced by the Divine, visit my storefront:


Alex said…
Olga - I love your poems. I quoted one on my blog today - giving you credit of course. I hope you don't mind.
Olga Rasmussen said…
I am honored you would quote my poems!
Blessings on you!

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