Loving What Is

Yesterday morning, I had a long conversation with a dear soul friend while I was out on my deck, under a cloudless slate blue sky and gentle fall breeze, during which we shared so much on so many levels - particularly insights - right down to personal aspects of our respective meditation journeys. It had been a while since we had shared in this way, and I enjoyed the experience of every moment fully. I was totally present and in the moment...

I shared with this friend, some personal struggles, and more details of my recent private lesson with a gifted yoga teacher - who is her own life-long, dear friend. In fact - it was this precious soul I was speaking to - who led me to this just as equally wonderful soul and gifted teacher at a very opportune time in my life.

As a result of working on the practice I was given during my private session, and embodying it more deeply, I was gifted with profound insights about my life, my body and my practice, leading to breakthroughs in my meditation as well. I even had the experience at times, of plugging into a frequency, and having my very own personal "Conversations with God" - receiving clear answers to every question my heart posed.

Byron Katie wrote a book some time ago, titled Loving What Is. It surely is something that is more easily said than done. I don't think I ever quite understood how to do this, but all of a sudden, I had a clearer understanding on how to how to accomplish this for myself.

This very friend I spoke to, once urged me to tackle what was most difficult in my life with relentless love, directing me - to love the unloveable. And that has stuck with me.

When I am faced with difficult situations, I often become emotional, and let them get to me - especially when others around me are angry. I am overwhelmed by anger and violent reactions, and tend to withdraw.

I prayed in the midst of all of this and asked for guidance - and I received it from various sources, and in the process, this simple little plan arose spontaneously within me, which I shared with my friend...

Be grateful.
Be grateful for the experience,
and the lesson that is being presented.

Then, send the person or situation love.

This evolved into another practice:

Every day, sit in meditation, and pick three persons
or situations you consider unloveable.
Focus on each one for a couple of minutes or so -
and envelop each in love.

In my most recent post, I shared the suggestion of finding something to appreciate everyday about your present situation and watching it begin to improve. I have been doing that now for a few days, and things are shifting considerably.

This morning, another friend posted this:

"As we grow in awareness,
we discover that it is more important
to BE the right person
than to FIND the right person."
~ Keyes

And so, today, on a day which is the Autumnal Equinox, and a Full Moon - inviting us to celebrate and embrace our journey into our shadow side and darkness....

Be grateful.
Let go.

Appreciate everything.
Accept everything.
Let go.

Seek the highest.
Look for the good, always.
Let go.

Embrace the Light.
Embrace the Dark.
Let go.

Love everything.
Love the unloveable.
Let go.

Only then,
Will you love what is.


Darla said…
Let go. A full practice in itself. Thank you. And I love the beautiful words of your friend Keyes.

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