A Tantric Moment in Vancouver

On this cool and breezy morning, I strolled out "ISO" of the perfect cup of coffee, and I found it at Blenz, on the corner of Burrard and Robson, in downtown Vancouver.

I ordered a Latte Macchiato with a just a hint of maple, that was to literally die for! The barista, took her time, artistically composing a unique and exquisite lattice design on the creamy foam. My delicious coffee was accompanied by an almond croissant, totally covered with encrusted almonds that was unlike anything I had ever tasted!

There I sat, on a bar table, looking out at the small trickle of humanity, making its way to work, with an explosion of flavors, I dutifully and indulgently savored and almost considered obscene! I sipped my coffee for what must have seemed like an eternity, feeling like Julia Roberts, in Eat Pray Love, enjoying every morsel of her decadent pasta, with freshly grated parmigiano reggiano, descending from the heavens in slow motion, as if shaked out of the skies by the very gods themselves - and all to the tune of - "Der Holle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" - from Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute!

And then, as if things could not get any more interesting - the most exquisite specimen of the male sex came into the coffee shop, and sat down right next to me with his own coffee and newspaper - oozing the most delicious scent I have ever detected on another human being! I stole surreptitious glances on the sly every once in a while, distracting from the symphony of gustatory delights, I was simultaneously enjoying. Life slowed down to a crawl - every one of my senses was fully engaged - and I thought to myself: I am truly having a Tantric moment!

I can't remember the last time I felt so fully alive and present in the moment. I did, however, eventually move on, but not until I stood in line once again, and personally thanked my barista, for what I deemed to be the best cup of coffee I had, since one memorable cappuccino, in Rome during the Holy Year of 2000. I could tell she was both surprised and delighted by my compliment.

The rest of the morning did not disappoint either. I made it down to Canada Place, down by the harbor, and near the 2010 Winter Olympic Cauldron, where I meditated as seaplanes took off and landed, punctuated by seagulls making their presence known, thinking to myself, it doesn't get any better than this!


Anonymous said…
Ah yes, I'm quite convinced I never would have set foot in a yoga studio if I'd never left. There's just too much tantric goodness filling every moment out there and a pace that encourages you to savor it all as a way of life. Glad you are having fun ;-)

Olga Rasmussen said…
So true Joy! I had forgotten how wonderful Canada and Canadians are! And the way of life here!

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