Inner Reflections

There are so many things that warm the heart and the soul...

I think of this - on this beautiful morning as I look out the window to an explosion of fall colors. Every year, I am amazed at this spectacular display from nature; it never fails to disappoint!

I think of this - as I bask in the afterglow of Jim Brickman's piano recital last night, at the Barnes at Wolf Trap. His evocative melodies and the passion with which he plays - I almost wrote - "prays" - are still resonating deeply within. When I watched him play last night - I thought to myself - yes - this is how he prays - with his whole body and soul - and his magical hands - making beautiful music that wafts up to the heavens as incense rises before God.

I think of this - as I turn to the Spiritual Diary of Yogananda - every day before I begin my morning meditations. I have been doing this for years, and still the quotes are fresh. I share this excerpt from today:

"You are endowed with greater strength
than you will ever need to overcome
all the trials that God may send you."

And what a beautiful thought to begin this day with, when so many that I know are in need! Yes, there are so many things that warm the heart and soul...

I also think of this, when I turn to my calendar every morning, to see what the day and rest of the week will bring. My desk calendar - and yes - I am "old fashioned" that way - despite being the technology geek that I am - I still like desk calendars and curling up with a good book!

This week, I received my new calendar for the coming year. I love the "Inner Reflections" calendar that the Self-Realization Fellowship publishes every year because it exquisitely pairs the most breath-taking photos of nature with very memorable quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda. Some of these photographs have been taken in places like Yosemite and Kenya, immortalizing some of the world's most beautiful natural cathedrals and altars of nature...

As I held the 2011 edition in my hands, it fell open to two pages and those quotations caught my eye. know they were meant for me right now, because they spoke to me deeply and related to some of my experiences this week:

"Inspiration, creative power, and energy
flow into you when you attune yourself
to the Infinite Mind during meditation."

"True friendship unites two souls so completely
that they reflect the unity of Spirit
and its divine qualities."

Here are a few other samplings of quotes from this coming year's edition:

"Though it is difficult when life presses you down,
still if you make the effort with strong determination,
you will triumph over every challenge."

"I am earthbound no more;
like a mighty wind my soul springs free,
spreading everywhere in the sphere of Spirit."

"When the mind becomes still,
you are in the kingdom of the Infinite."

There are such simple things that warm my heart and soul - and inspire the beginnings of every day. Treat yourself or a loved one to this beautiful calendar, which you can order directly from Self-Realization Fellowship!

For further information, check out this site:


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