Love for All Seasons

Late last might, I read Sally Kempton's newsletter, a wonderful spiritual teacher whose works often focus on the power of meditation, and she offered beautiful insights into the Season of Love, which is indeed, every season, in every year...

I have excerpted the following, which spoke to me:

"A friend of mine wrote, 'I was at the DMV today. I was looking around and falling in love with faces, feeling the brokenness and listening to the seeds of hope in every conversation around me.'

Reading her words reminded me how this season - the year's midnight, with its celebrations of light and grace - can often invite us into this kind of poignant, almost heart-breaking love. Of course, love is always present, ready to pour through us. And we always have the choice to see each other with the eye of love.

Yes, it's always felt to me that the love force of the cosmos is present in a particularly universal way at this time of year, at least in the parts of the world that celebrate Christmas and Chanukah. The doors to the Infinite are open, even (or perhaps especially!) in the Mall. If we're attentive, the faces of friends and strangers can become portals into the Divine.

My Guru's main teaching was a call to that vision. 'See God in each other' is how he put it...It took me a while to recognize see God in another person means seeing the manifestation of divinity in that person's sheer messy humanness - in their brokenness as well as in their beauty, in their failures as well as in their successes, in their annoying qualities as well as in their lovable qualities."

During Advent, Christians sing, "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" - which means literally - God is with us. The Essence of God within us - and expressed through us - is simply Love. Whether we espouse a particular tradition or not - the embodiment and transmission of Love is the lowest common denominator in everything - it is the quintessential Prime Number which cannot be divided and into which everything dissolves. So, while we focus on Love most especially at this time of year, Love is truly meant for all seasons, and all times. Love is Eternal.


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