A Time for Signs and Wonders

It is truly a time for signs and wonders in all that is seen and that which is unseen as well...

Yesterday, many observed the Winter Solstice, which was ushered in by a rare lunar eclipse, a full moon, and an unusual conjunction of planets - not seen for centuries. These were incredible signs and wonders which came bearing messages and were filled with meaning...

In the midst of it all, I struggled to make sense of the tragic death of dear friend - but even this brought its own insights and signs from the "Other Side," and gathered a community together, from far and wide...

And in the late afternoon, as the day exhaled its last ray of light into the darkness, my new Hanuman murti, representing Siva and Shakti in its devotional aspects, auspiciously arrived, just at twilight, in time for my evening meditation.

A murti is a sacred statue, and when I opened the box, I immediately felt a blast of Hanuman's sweet energy, so powerful and soft, and like a loving embrace, it surrounded me, and gave me great comfort.

My meditation room features a collection of religious art and objects from many traditions - for I am truly at home in all houses of worship, comfortable with all rituals - and I can see the Face of God in all religious traditions.

The last few days have been filled with incredible experiences, juxtaposed with the news of several deaths and illnesses, much of it in the natural order of things, but now Hanuman has arrived, coming into my home and my meditation room, to walk with me in the coming year, and I knew exactly what spot I would put him in.

One of my yoga teachers had journeyed through the story of Hanuman in her classes this fall, taking her themes from the mythology of his life. I was so drawn by the story of him ripping open his chest to reveal his Lord and God in the center of his heart, to whom he was so greatly devoted, and so symbolic of his loyalty, which is
the quality I most admire in others. My new murti, depicts Hanuman in this rare manifestation, ripping his heart open, reminding me of the beauty of being devoted to all that we do - to all whom we love - and expressing this quality in all things, at all times. So now, he he guards my right side, every time I sit in meditation, under the watchful eye of Madonnas, and crosses from many distant lands, and an altar filled with statues and murtis of saints and deities that speak to me.

It is almost twenty-four hours since Hanuman arrived, and time to sit once again...

The days will gradually become lighter and longer, Advent has almost yielded into Christmas, we come and go, live and die, and the circle of life continues. Events that are seemingly ordinary, but always willing to disclose what is extraordinary at its center, reveal themselves as signs and wonders, if we are open, and willing to look beyond the surface...


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