Gardeners of the Soul

We are all gardeners. Perhaps not of actual gardens, but certainly of our souls...

We must til the fertile soil within our hearts and plant seeds that will blossom into those traits and characteristics that we want.

There are many ways to do this. Through deep inner work. By reading. And sometimes, by attending a lecture, a workshop, or some kind of training. I am off to do this today. I am looking forward to spending a weekend with the wonderful meditation teacher and practitioner, Sally Kempton, whom I have quoted here so many times.

Last night, I finished reading - Inheriting Paradise: Meditations on Gardening, by Vigen Guroian, and began The Fragrance of God, also by this same author - two exquisite tomes, filled with delicious imagery and beautiful insights.

In Inheriting Paradise, Guroian writes:

"...Everything comes from God and without God's constant nurture, nothing would be and nothing could grow. 'It is not the gardeners with their planting and watering who count,' writes St. Paul, 'but God who makes it grow.' Indeed, we are not only 'fellow workers,' in God's great garden; we ourselves are God's garden (1 Corinthians 3: 7-9). This is the ground of our humility as mere creatures among all other creatures loved by God."

These books are so filled with references from scripture and spiritual writings that are so rich and wonderful, like this one, by St. Simeon the New Theologian:

"...Being God, the Divine Spirit refashions
completely those whom
He receives within Himself.
He makes them completely anew.
He renews them in an amazing manner.

Being immortal, He gives immortality.
Because He is light that never sets,
He transforms all of them into light in whom He
comes down and dwells.
And because He is life, he bestows life to all."

Today, be a gardener of your soul, in any way that you can, because as Gerard Manley Hopkins acknowledged, we are charged with the grandeur of God, and yes:

"The seed is in the ground.
Now may we rest in hope
While darkness does its work."
~ Wendell Berry

For truly,

"God created human beings with the capacity to resonate with the pulse of Divine Life." (Guroian)


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