Sacred Love

I continue to savor parts of Adyashanti's Emptiness Dancing, in addition to several other books I am reading simultaneously. Within this book, there is an exquisite chapter on the nature of real love, and I have taken time to reflect on certain passages and sentences, and have posted them as Facebook and Twitter updates as well.

Adya notes that without love there is no truth, and without truth, there is no love. There are many different kinds of love, and the love that we are at our essence is real, and transcends all experiences and emotions. He also points out, that if we stay connected at the heart, it is very difficult to lie or even tell a half-truth. This love is indiscriminate, and doesn't know how to turn itself on and off. Furthermore, love isn't something we fall in and out of. Love simply is. Period.

Here are a couple of passages, slighted edited, that I resonated with:

"[Real love] is pre-existing... Possibly the only fear greater than death is love, real love. Finding out that you do love, that this is your nature, is the beginning of the end for everything in you that thinks it is separate... There is no such thing as loving once and then not loving...

True love has nothing to do with liking someone... It is a love of unity, a love of seeing God... This is a love that has no opposite...but is present in everything... When you realize this, it is a revolution because [this love] loves the unlovable, loves what you're not supposed to love or what you were not allowed to love culturally, and is not paying attention to the separating rules of ego...this is a different kind of love... This love is timeless. This love is uncontained...

The truly sacred love is the love of what is, not a love of what could be. This love liberates what is..."

At the same time, I read these words from a channeled message (slightly edited) by the Circle of Light:

"I ask you to place your focus on giving Love in every way, without attempting to control it. Allow it to pour forth through you as poetry, as art, as parables and as stories, as theater, as dance, as celebrations, as expressions of appreciation, as music, and as anything Love speaks through you. You will come forth as an array of symbols of the giving forth of Love in the symbols of the world."

Wow. So much food for thought here...We are speaking of a love that is Divine - which unites us all at our essence, and that we express in our words, and deeds, our practices, and all of our creative ventures. It is a love that we cannot be without...

I am blessed to know many whom I believe embody this kind of love. I am part of a community where I have experienced that kind of love, sometimes from people I hardly know. What a wonderful blessing that is! And in these last few days, I have certainly been reminded of this, as I prepare for major surgery next month, and find myself at the receiving end of an outpouring of love and support, and offerings of care...

I dare to dream, and ask, and imagine - a world where this kind of love is the norm. I choose to believe, that as a people, we are awakening, and on the verge of the dawning of a new era, where this kind of very sacred love, will prevail all that is...

I pray that I may more deeply embody, reflect, and come to know that kind of love. And, I pray and wish that for you as well!


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