You Are the Love

This morning, as I sat in meditation, on this day of a lunar eclipse, sandwiched in between two partial solar eclipses - the first occurring on June 1, and the next on July 1, I heard these words deep inside:

"You are the love that you need.
Shine it out, and then see that love
reflected in others - in their eyes.
Everything you need is inside.
Anything else is limiting and unfulfilling..."

I was surprised by this insight arising within, but then later on, I read a metaphysical interpretation of these three eclipses and the coming Summer Solstice, and found that they were about releasing and letting go, about healing and restructuring relationships, facing challenges, and taking decisive actions to move forward. And really, who doesn't find all of this relevant on some level?

Later in the day, I spoke to a dear friend experiencing a great loss, and she shared with me the wisdom and tools one of her teachers had given her to deal with her situation. He too, reminded my friend, not to doubt herself, but to take time to nourish herself, and to remember that despite the hurt and loss she may be feeling, she remained the very embodiment of love.

When I talked to my friend, I reminded her to be compassionate with herself - and with others involved - because it would enable her to shift the necessary energies in those relationships, and thus release any karmic ties that would otherwise bind or continue.

In the writings of so many yogic sages and scriptures, we are reminded time and time again, that we are the one we seek. There is a spark of the Divine that is within each and every one of us. And this spark makes us all one. We spend our whole entire lifetimes looking for and seeking fulfillment and love outside of ourselves, when everything we have ever needed, has been inside of us all along.

It is so easy. And yet this is also such a hard lesson to learn!

I am always reminded of the poet Rumi, who wrote:

"The whole universe is inside of you.
Ask all from yourself."

And yet, we do not believe this. We don't allow ourselves to see this. We are, as I like to remind my students - a microcosm of the macrocosm...

Yes. You are the love that you need and you seek. The kingdom of God is always within you. During this time of great energetic and cosmological shifts, ask to receive what you most need. Or, as Christina Sell, a wonderful and very gifted Anusara yoga teacher told us at a workshop this weekend, quoting one of her teachers:

"You are the only person [in this life] going all the way with you!"

No one will walk your life's path with you in its entirety. Not here - not there - and not beyond this life.

Seek and you will find. Ask and you shall receive. Knock and it shall be opened to you. Everything is within. All the love you'll ever need - because you are that love - and always connected to the Source of that Love. Embrace it. And shine it out. And awaken that knowledge in others!


jtpsjp said…
thank you for this beautiful reminder! I'm curious about the metaphysical interpretation about the eclipse & solstice. Can you share?
Olga Rasmussen said…
Unfortunately I deleted the email I received and referred to, but I have seen several "readings" like this one. I'm sure if you google, you will find a trove of things out there. Just sift through, and you should find something that resonates.


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