The Song in Your Heart

We all have a song in our hearts...

What is yours?

Each one of us moves to a different drum...

Each one of us dances to a unique rhythm...

Yesterday, I wrote about a homily I heard on Sunday based on the the Parable from the Gospel of Matthew on the "Sower and the Seed."

The homilist told a wonderful story based on a YouTube video clip where a guy finds a stethoscope on the ground and proceeds to place it on all sorts of objects, and a unique song pertaining to the object in question bursts in his ear. For example, when he places the stethoscope on a light pole, he hears the song "Lean On Me." At the very end, after the guy in the clip seems to have exhausted all kinds of objects, he puts the instrument over his heart.

What do you suppose he hears?

Almost immediately, the "Hallelujah" from Handel's Messiah bursts all over the place. It is such a magnificent piece, that King George II arose from his seat when he heard the chorus. Since then, the tradition of standing during this piece has continued.

What song most exemplifies who you are and defines your soul?

And which one would make you stand, and dance, bursting with love and infinite grace? What experience in life would make you do this? Hopefully more than one song, situation, or person would profoundly move your depths into such self-expression...

St. Irenaeus, an early church theologian once wrote, "The glory of God is a man [or woman] fully alive."

May your body and soul be moved to dance to the unique song in your heart which is nothing more, and nothing less, than the calling of the Beloved Divine, however you envision Him, "Her," or "It" to be. It does not matter...

For the YouTube Video "Stethoscope," go to the following link:


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