Out With the Old and In With the New

Tomorrow, it will be 8 weeks since I had surgery, and just as long since I've "officially" taught a yoga class. In the time since, I've had several weeks of down time to recuperate, sleep, and read, and the last few weeks, I have been furiously cleaning, purging, simplifying, and letting go of mementos, family heirlooms, and all sorts of things I've held on to for one reason or another.

Energetically, I am being called to be in a different place. Correction: I AM in a different place and vibration, and everything around me needs to reflect this.

Tomorrow, I will also sub for the first time since my classes came to an end with the spring session. It will be a way to test the waters, stepping into the current of grace once again, though I have really never left it. And so, I will "end" a session that I did not teach, with my eye on the fall session right around the corner.

While I feel like a banshee, madly doing all I am at the moment, I also know it will clear my space and time dramatically once the fall is here. I know that my work has already borne fruit because the guy that came to measure for my new blinds today, walked in the door, and immediately said: "Wow! There is good energy in this house! Lot's of open space. No clutter!" And as he walked throughout the house, he kept complementing me on the space I had created. Hummm!

And so, I posted this on Facebook before showering and meditating. Now it is on to dinner and a drink, and rejoicing in a job well done. I am grateful for this incredible summer which has been a gift of healing in so many different ways!

"House cleaned and dusted. Done!
De-cluttered. Done!
Every drawer and every closed cleaned
and made lean - purged of half its contents. Done!
Donations made and picked up. Done!
Storage room emptied and 3/4 of space reclaimed. Done!
Blinds measured for installation next week. Done!
Quote requests sent out for a new car. Done!"


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