Looking for the Good

We have just concluded a week of non-stop rains, remnants of a residual storm, arriving on the heels of an earthquake and hurricane. I've heard many exasperated people throw up their hands and ask, "What next, the plague?"

While the rains were much needed in this area, it seemed somehow unfair we could not share our bounty with the poor folks in Texas. They have undergone record heat, and uncontrolled fires from extreme dry weather.

I know it is much easier to be pessimistic, but I try to look for the good when I can.

I thoroughly delighted in the rains, and walking in it, getting soaked to the bone. After so much dry weather, it was a welcome respite. I imagined myself in deep cleansing - making out with the old, and in with the new - following on the purging and cleansing just transpiring in my own house, and now mostly concluded. After giving my home a simple make over, that included some small decorating touches and new blinds and a new garage door, I immediately sensed a different flow in the energy within my house that not only affected my mood, and my husband's as well (though he would never admit it) but which also had an impact on my meditations.

We can allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by what we cannot control and what we do not want - or we can accept and love what is - and see the good in it.

As an Anusara yoga teacher, I have been trained to look for the good. And as I prepare to start a new season of teaching and a much busier fall season than I experienced this summer - and while I may also be nostalgic of the past weeks of very slow, soulful living - I choose to look for the good - knowing all that delicious time was merely a preparation for what is to come.

There is something good in every experience and challenge, if we are willing to see it that way. Today, and everyday, take a moment, to look for the good.


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