New Beginnings and a New Guitar

Emptying has a way of creating space...

Spaciousness often gives rise to new songs that spontaneously germinate within, and so I felt "compelled" once again, to get myself another guitar, this time, a Cordoba studio "Flamenco" nylon/electric, which sings so very sweetly and deeply! And, I got it at a substantial discount! I hearkened back to my classical roots, by making a new friend from that world...

I spent about 45 minutes playing "her," in a quiet little room of Spanish acoustic guitars, going back and forth between two, but the Cordoba won out.

While I was in the store, I ran into Gene, the guy who sold me the Little Martin, a little over a month ago. He remembered what I had bought and we chatted. I bonded with another woman, also buying a guitar, and she came over to tenderly admire my new friend. We talked about how important it is to energetically connect with a guitar.

And so, Saraswati Cecilia, came home with me. Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, wisdom and the arts. She is often portrayed with a stringed instrument sitting across her thighs. My new guitar will be called "Saraswati," Just as my Little Martin is "Cecilia."

In a life now made more spacious, I will enjoy dancing and singing my way into this fall, as I look forward to it unfolding its many gifts!

I am now off, to teach my first yoga class in two months! And, I am a little nervous!


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