Purusha - Drawing in and Binding to Spirit

What do you bind yourself to?

What do you call upon - or draw upon in a moment of need? Today, one friend is grieving a loss, my nephew celebrates a birthday, someone I know buried her husband, and a dear friend's spouse may receive dire news in the form of a potentially deadly diagnosis. Some of these individuals, are persons of faith. Some of these, right now, are drawing in and connecting to Spirit.

In my classes this week, I continued to draw up the wonderful book, The Path of the Yoga Sutras: A Practical Guide to the Core of Yoga by Nicolai Bachman.

The third concept or principle he discusses, is "purusa" often commonly written as "purusha." While this word is often translated as spirit, Bachman describes it as the pure inner light of awareness.

"Seated in our heart and pervading every cell of our body lies a conscious, intelligent awareness. Individual uniqueness is due to our temporary, ever-changing body, breath, and mind. These outer layers of ourselves surround an inner, divine light of awareness called the purusa, or atman, which illuminates the truth and expresses love and compassion."

One of my favorite quotes by Rumi powerfully reminds each one of us that:

"The whole universe is inside of you.
Ask all from yourself."

We are spirit at our essence. In fact, we are embodied spirits having a human experience. But our individual spirit, is one small aspect or expression of Spirit, which is changeless and eternal. In times of need, we draw in, and connect to Spirit. In the language of Anusara Yoga, this is referred to as Muscular Energy.

When we engage muscle energy, we tap into our inner resources - we connect with the Universal which resides inside of us. We have access to a power and a Source for whom all things are possible. Indeed, we open to possibilities and resources we never knew we had.

I am reminded of this quote by Emily Dickinson:

"Dwell in possibility."

Today, tap into your inner resources. Hug in. Connect with Spirit. When you do - you find strength. And balance. Just like in your practice. In your poses. In your meditation. In your life.


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