Vairagya - Nonattachment and the Freedom to Soar

What weighs you down?

What keeps you in bondage when you most yearn for freedom - and just want to soar?

Nicolai Bachman, in his book, The Path of the Yoga Sutras, defines "vairagya" as nonattachment to sensory objects.

Every major religious or spiritual tradition teaches the concept of nonattachment in form or another. Bachman begins this section in his book with this quote from the Buddha:

"The secret of happiness lies
in the mind's release from worldy ties."

Catchy verse. It rhymes. And it is so true!

The practice of vairagya enables us to cultivate a sense of letting go - not only of material things and possessions, but also of all that does not serve us as well.

In my classes, it seemed fitting to link this concept to the Anusara Yoga principle of "Organic Energy" because when one has truly embodied this notion of nonattachment and letting go, while still drawing in to that which binds us, grounds us, and keeps us honest - we are free to soar, expand, and grow.

In Bachmans words:

"Letting go of our outer attachments
unloads a burden that is weighing us down
and keeping us from experiencing
the freedom that is yoga."

Today, and every day, choose to examine what keeps you tied down. Choose to cultivate nonattachment. Your practice of yoga and meditation will enable you to release the ties that bind you in an unhealthy manner. You will then taste the delicious fruit of freedom!


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