A Season for Love

How lovely to be constantly reminded about the reason for the season! It all comes down to LOVE! And so, I share here, a few reminders that have come my way, capped off by a short poem that I wrote...

"To live in the Reality of Love
is to be willing to be God awakening to the truth of only Love
and every expression of it, every nuance to be marveled
at and discovered. Every radiance is honored -
the fullness of the miracle of 'both/and,'
the indivisible unity of this one life
and the powerful gift of our relationship
which is a relationship with every expression,
every aspect of God. and thus do you dance

in this sparkling Light in the world
as an acknowledgement of the miracle
of the facets of Love and the beauty
of their expression, every one of which contains the whole.
Every electron is the universe. Every breath
is the Moment of Creation, and every heartbeat
is the birth of God consciousness,
all of it ready to be honored by the miracle that is you."

"Messages of Love," Circle of Light, December 19, 2011

From the movie "Love Actually" (and here, do your best to "channel" actor Hugh Grant):

"Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world,
I think about the arrivals gate Heathrow Airport.
General opinion's starting to make out
that we live in a world of hatred and greed,
but I don't see that. It seems to me that love
is everywhere. Often it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy.
But it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters,
husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends.

When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know
none of the phone calls from the people on board
were messages of hate or revenge -
they were all messages of love.
If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling
you'll find that love actually, is all around."


May this Sacred Season
Of Luminosity, and
Of Joyful Expectation
Inviting Presence,
Awaken You
To it's True Meaning--
The Incarnation
Of Divine Love!

Advent and Christmas blessings, and Love, to all!


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