Wait and See

On this eve of Maha Shivaratri, the Great Night of Siva, when it is said that prayers and mantras are magnified 10,000 times, I ask a few dear ones, to encircle their own with mine, for this is a time of great need in our yoga community, and in the much larger community of peoples on this planet...

On this day, which stands on the threshold of the another season of Lent, always a time of prayer, introspection, and spiritual cleansing for me, I am mindful of the importance of setting strong intentions for the good, for healing, and for emanating as pure a vibration as possible for a community's transition...

This is a time when everything is possible. It is a time of letting go of the old and embracing the new. It is not a time of resurrecting what no longer serves. It is the time to boldly go where no one has gone before...

No one said that 2012 was going to be easy...

I am in a wait and see mode. Yes, wait and see...

Evolution takes time. Yesterday I read these words online, offered up a soul not involved in the current drama involving my yoga community:

"Opening fully to the unwanted is the key to Awakening."
~ Ezra Bayda

Transformation, transition, birth and subsequent growth, takes time. Seeds are planted in fertile soil. We must patiently wait to see them bear fruit. Likewise, we instill the values and teachings we want our children to embody, but we must wait to see them grow and shoot up like trees and make us proud... This is not a process we can "fast-forward."

Do the work that is necessary, but wait and see... Nothing happens overnight...

I never make rash or spontaneous decisions. I reflect, I pray, I seek counsel. I lay everything at the feet of my Beloved. And I wait, and see...

And so, I leave you with various quotes that I read in a book I was reading last night, and that I saw posted by others in my yoga community, that spoke to my soul.

I take them into my heart, and I ponder them all deeply, as I wait and see...

"Moment by moment,
things are losing their hardness;
now even my body lets the light through."
~ Virginia Woolf

"We live in succession, in division, in parts, in particles. Meantime within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty, to which every part and particle is equally related; the eternal ONE. And this deep power in which we exist and whose beatitude is all accessible to us, is not only self-sufficing and perfect in every other, but the act of seeing and the thing seen, the seer and the spectacle, the subject and the object are one."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"If something has even the smallest spark of life, be it a discarded plant or broken bird, I can't stand by and do nothing. No one is immune to being knocked to the ground by the fast moving, or shiny. I'll offer my effort toward a Grace-filled conclusion and/or a Grace-filled beginning. Isn't this the very least that we can do for Anusara Yoga, our kula, and John Friend?"
~ Jamie Allison

"My intense anger, confusion, and disappointment
have dissolved into curiosity, freedom and true joy
for what my own life
and this community is to become."
~ Charlotte Clews

"In times of challenge,
may we listen with courage and sing with hope.
In times of ease,
may we listen with gratitude and sing with love."
~ Ross Rayburn

Let us till the soil. Do the work. Plant the seeds. Then wait and see...


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