The Way of Love

What is your way?

Which way do you walk?

What path do you follow?

I receive this in my inbox, and it seems so appropriate. I reflect on its deeper meaning for me:

"I walked this way,
I walked that way,
and then I walked

We have begun a new month, and I continue to receive messages from everywhere, and everything. I will share more about this in my next entry...

On the first day of this month, I lost the last of my great aunts, and the youngest of my beloved grandmother's sisters. She truly walked her way. She lived life on her own terms. And her way, like my grandmother's, was the way of love... She touched lives near and far that cut across all levels of class or racial distinctions. She was beloved by many, and my own memories of her are very fond...

In fact, her grandchildren and great grandchildren, simply referred to her as "Love." Not "Nonna," not "Grandma," but "Love." Quite a testament to any living soul!

And to me, this is just a simple reminder of what really matters in life and how I would like to be remembered... St. Jeanne de Chantal, co-foundress of the Visitation Order in the 17th century, taught this very simple lesson, that was later repeated by Mother Teresa of Calcutta:

"We cannot always do great things,
but we can always do little things
with great love."

As I reflect on what has happened in my life and community in recent months - and as I also contemplate what the future might hold for me, I tend to measure it all against the yardstick of love. There are moments when I have failed to be compassionate, which is in essence, a failure to love. And for those moments and instances, I am truly sorry...

My Reiki teacher, Frans Stiene taught me years ago, to always be compassionate, because not only is this the way of love - but it also, the way of the Divine...

I do not know what the future holds. Right now, I am at a crossroads. Yet again. The symbolism of the fact that I am replacing a couple of toilets in my house is not lost upon me. Five years, I replaced three out of four - at another time of upheaval and radical change...

Yesterday, a great aunt and soul was laid to rest. I also marked the ten year anniversary of a passing of a great friend - just as I was about to launch into the great unknown. He encouraged me to make the changes I made in my life at the time, but did not live to see its fruits. The day also marked the passing of a gifted brother-in-law who died way before his time...

I've always said, I would love to die in the month of April, not because I am morbid, but because everything is bursting with life and it is so reminiscent of the Resurrection. What would be a better time than this to transition into the Eternal? I cannot think of one...

The time of transitioning may be a long way off for me. Or maybe not. The only thing that matters is what I will be remembered for - and whether I truly walked, and embodied, the Way of Love...

And I end, with this message, received on the very day of my aunt's passing into the Eternal. I imagine her having a party with all of her sisters!

"Walking, I am listening to a deeper way.
Suddenly, all my ancestors are behind me.
Be still, they say.
Watch and listen.
You are the result of the love of thousands!"
~ Linda Hogan
Native American Writer


Susan D. said…
I love hearing of the grandmother whom you all called "Love." Quite a testament indeed!

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