Going With the Flow: Ruminations on Satya and Mindfulness

I took a lazy jaunt down to the river later in the morning after teaching. It was one of those breezy mornings where the cool air wafted in through open windows while we practiced and it made savasana even more delicious. It was very windy down by the river, and I observed the river's undulating waves and reflected on what it means to go with the flow.

I watched a couple get their kayak ready to put into the water, but it was not one of those days I would consider going in. You'd have to do a lot of work to get anywhere - unless you were willing to go with the flow...

When we are in the flow, we are very present, and mindful, and accepting of what is.

While I was at the river, a young man sat slouched on a bench to my side, very much absorbed with his iPhone. Not once did I see him look up at the breathtaking scenery around him. Later, I went for a walk, and another man just as absorbed with his device - practically collided into me. I wondered when he would look up to see where he was going. He was totally oblivious to my presence until he was practically upon me, and seemed stunned to see my face almost in front of his.

A couple of weeks ago, I was out with some friends I had not seen for a while, and I realized later, that I was somewhat upset, because both of them spent a lot of time texting on their phones and constantly checking their messages. I did not feel they were fully present - when I had totally prepared for our gathering and "shown up" in all the ways I possibly could. And while I tried to remind myself days later of one of the "Four Agreements" - "Don't take anything personally" - I felt my friends weren't totally mindful, or present, and they were not in the flow...

When you are in the flow, you let go of your need to control...

They say that Mother Teresa of Calcutta had a way of looking into your eyes and making you feel like you were the only one who existed. I've heard this said of so many people. Obviously, she was not into multi-tasking!

This morning, and throughout the day as I engaged in my domestic duties, I tried to be mindful, and do everything with love. I actually spent a lot of time "offline." On my walk, I thoroughly enjoyed the breeze against my skin, and the sound of the leaves rustling. I was very mindful of the everything that I saw and felt...

When you are in the flow, and mindful, you operate out of a place of integrity.

This morning, I considered the second of the yamas - "satya" as a theme in my yoga class. While satya is usually translated as truthfulness, I explained that staya also has a lot to say to us about living with integrity. And when we live from a place of integrity - we experience peace in our hearts....

When we go with the flow
we let go of control.
When we go with the flow
and let go of control--
we become more mindful.
When we are more mindful,
we are more aware of the behaviors
that pull us out of the present moment
and out of our own integrity.
And the more we live in integrity,
the more we dwell in the heart.

These were my ruminations and insights for this magnificent day...


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