A Day Filled With Sevens

I am graced, once again, with a beautiful day...

I begin the day early because there are many domestic duties to be undertaken. Still, I make my way down to the river and the view is quite stunning. A little bit of fog danced on the surface of the water and it was so reminiscent of the light foam topping a latte. It was crisp, and cool morning as well...

Several times today - I came in contact with the number "7" - seeing it in different places. Right now my sight glances to my inbox and I see that I have 7 emails waiting there...

I make a right turn on a street called "Triple Seven."

I know from my theological days that the number seven is of major significance in biblical literature. Is is symbolic of completion and fullness. God created the world in six days - but on the seventh, He rested.

I read online earlier, that five is the number of grace and of free, unmerited favors. On the other hand, seven is perfection itself - and symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

On a day that began with much beauty and an abundance of love in my heart, I give thanks for all I have received. For even those things that hurt and irritate - are part of a much bigger picture than we can see. I am reminded that I cannot truly see or comprehend God's Plan for me and that everything that comes my way does so for a reason. I really do believe that. I have to. And it makes total sense to me.

Enjoy the remainder of this day and coming weekend. May you see perfection in everything that is - and everything that is not.


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