Conquering Fear

Do we ever really conquer fear?

What are the things you fear the most?

I have a fear of crossing bridges. But not just any bridge...

Most of my life I have had this recurring dream. It involves crossing a bridge that is very narrow and has no railings. It has a steep incline and is high above the water. I cannot see where I am going - and I cannot see land on either side. It's really more of a nightmare.

Last week I made myself cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I have only driven across it once before. I'm fine if someone else drives however. Going towards the bridge from the Annapolis side is the most frightening for me, because it has a steep incline that is also curved, and it is quite visible as you approach it. I nearly hyperventilated while crossing it. And it takes four and half minutes to cross it if there is little traffic.

I made myself do it to conquer this fear. Or at least try to make a dent in it. It's what psychologists refer to as "Implosion Therapy."

Years ago someone told me in a reading that I had been drowned upside down from a bridge in the Middle Ages. I was supposedly a heretic. I certainly cannot vouch for whether or not that is true, but if it is the root cause of my fear, it certainly would make sense. On the other hand, knowing this did not remove or alleviate my fear in any way...

Yesterday I read these words from "The Twelve - a weekly reading I subscribe to:"

"In order to be safe, you simply have to put your mind upon the having of safety. The vortex of being that surrounds you picks up on everything that you think about. So when you are thinking about tsunamis or earthquakes, the Universe is lining up things that have the same feel to them. It’s a feeling of helplessness, a feeling of things being out of control. And it is that feeling that is going to be matched in your experience if you persist. That fear is just the indicator that your thoughts are taking you somewhere you don’t want to go."

This is certainly something to think about. The point is, that when we feel fear, we should think of something that makes us happy, or is completely the opposite of that fear. Otherwise, we feed our fear. I guess I should visualize myself going over the bridge more often.

Today, consider something that makes you fearful. Then turn that thought around. Give energy to an opposite thought. To control your fear and your world, pay attention to your thoughts, because all creation begins in imagination!



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