Honoring Our Ancestors

There was such a stillness at the river this morning. And though the air was crisp - the day also began in a very bright and quiet manner...

I did my river meditations, very mindful of my grandmother, whose 107 birthday it would have been today. She crossed over into eternity just shy of 90, and mere days before the birth of a great-grandson...

Years ago, she came to me through a gifted healer to deliver three messages. Two of them were meant for my mother, but one was meant specifically for me. I have treasured that message ever since. It confirmed that she was watching, following, and guiding me from behind the veil...

Earlier this week, on my birthday, I participated on a conference call with Dr. Katy Poole, a Sanskrit scholar, yogic philosopher, and Vedic astrologer. She interpreted the signs in the sky for that day and in particular noted the significance of these signs for each caller on the line.

I learned that the moon and the sun were in the same position on my birthday this week - as they were on the day that I was born. And, as luck would have it, it was a new moon as well. Those born under a new moon tend to be deep meditators and are plugged in - in a very special way - with the other side of the veil. And this is true for me. It has always been so. Though I cannot receive direct messages or see anyone, I can feel their presence and "intuit" their messages for me. But I have also been privileged to know many gifted healers and intuitives who can make a more tangible connection with those on the other side and can precisely relay complex messages for me.

Once, a cousin who died unexpectedly, sought out a intuitive friend of mine to convey a message that brought reassurance to his family, who suspected foul play. This kind of thing happens to me a lot. It's really quite normal.

Katy Poole spoke of the need to honor our ancestors and to do rituals for them - such as lighting candles, saying prayers, and so forth. She also noted that they can never hurt us, but can only offer us blessings and love, even if they weren't the nicest folks while they were alive!

And so today, I honor my grandmother. My meditations will very much include her, and I will light a candle for her and express my gratitude for her continued guidance.


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