The Gift of Inner Reflections 2013

Every year at this time, I look forward to receiving the new Inner Reflections desk calendar published by the Self-Realization Fellowship, with inspirational quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda, accompanied by the most stunning photographs - a veritable feast for the eyes and nourishment for the soul. Call me an "old fashioned" kind of girl - but I really do prefer an Engagement calendar for my desk, inviting my glance every morning, rather than using the electronic apps provided by my mobile devices.

Yes - I do love the "tactile" feeling of flipping pages, taking in the amazing photographs, and savoring the delicious quotes. And this year's calendar, does not disappoint! This is truly one of my favorite gifts of the season!

The pictures are breathtaking and even haunting at times - and the quotes that are highlighted, always complement the photos exquisitely.

For example:

A picture of a palm tree stretches out horizontally atop white sands, its fronds seemingly aimed toward the sea's turquoise waters in the Virgin Islands National Park, in St. John, is accompanied by this quotation from Paramahansa Yogananda's writings: 

"In the solitude of my inner silence, 
I have found the paradise of unending joy."

Here are a couple more sample quotes from some of the other weeks in the calendar:

"Be kind to others so that you may learn 
the secret art of being kind to yourself."

"There is no end to your consciousness; 
all things are glittering like stars 
in the firmament of your being."

The quotations are luscious - as are the pictures - and there is one of each for every week of the year. I cannot begin to tell you how often they have inspired me and been just what I needed to hear in that moment.

Give yourself or someone you love this wonderful gift. It is available in major bookstores, online, or it can be ordered directly from the publisher: Self-Realization Fellowship:



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