Weaving a Tapestry of Connections

A few days ago I wrote about An Invisible Thread, a book written by Laura Schroff, sharing her chance encounter with a boy named Maurice that changed her life as well as his - and I've done nothing but think of all the threads of connections in my own life. All of them would weave such a magnificent tapestry!

I shared the story of this woman and her encounter with an 11 year old panhandler that  changed the course of their lives with my yoga class this morning. I spoke of the many ways in which our lives are changed as well - through encounters we have with friends as well as those we have with perfect strangers. It is fascinating to consider how often we are destined to meet the right people who often come into our lives at precisely the right times. We might never know the full impact that our kind words and actions may have on others, but we always remember and are deeply moved by the depth of how others touch us...

Today, is the second anniversary of a friend who left this world in her prime. Lili was the kind of person who left an indelible imprint on other people's lives. I met her in my twenties and got to know her very well. Then, a move separated us for many years. I saw her again in passing, about twenty years ago, and then reconnected with her once again through Facebook, a couple of years before she got sick. I now realize, that our reconnection was providential, for I would have the privilege of sharing her journey at the end of her life as well. Somehow, a lost thread of connection wove itself back into the tapestry of my life.

This weekend, through an interesting set of circumstances, I reconnected with friends who were once yoga students of mine over five years ago. Throughout the course of the evening, we all hugged, spent time together, shared stories, and I was amazed at how this community remained together after I moved on - under the guidance of another very gifted teacher, who is a dear friend to me. Now she has moved on as well - and yet this community endures because the threads of connection are so strong!

I realized that even though years had passed, the web of connections  was still there, and the genuine love and support of this community had become this beautiful and incredible tapestry. This image is particularly symbolic, because the hosts of this gathering are quilt makers themselves, and their beautiful home is like a shrine filled with tapestries.

Here we were all gathered once again - old friends and new friends - and I was overwhelmed by the warmth of everyone there and it seemed to me as if time had actually stood still. Some of us have survived depression, cancer, the death of a spouse - and anything that life has send our way. But here we all were - stronger and wiser - in remission, celebrating an engagement, a birth, and the enduring miracle of life and friendships.

I came away profoundly touched by the experience - nourished by the tight hugs, the laughter, and the profound realization that we had continued to touch one another despite time and distance.

There are many threads of connections in our lives. Some are visible. Many are invisible. Some are simple. Others are transcendent. Some change the course of our lives and who we are forever...

This week, take time to recognize your own threads of connection and be grateful for them!                 


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