Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart

I love drinking "Yogi Tea," and I love the inspirational messages that come with every tea bag...

Recently, I came across this one:

"Wherever you go,
go with all your heart."

In other words, put your whole heart and soul into everything you do or say. By any measure this is no small feat indeed...

To go everywhere with all our hearts is such an appropriate message for this week. Tomorrow Christians all over the world enter into the holy season of Lent through Ash Wednesday. On this day Christians will begin to journey through their Lord's passion and death, and ultimate resurrection - and will most especially reflect on their own mortality and all the ways in which they have failed to miss the mark, and hopefully rectify whatever is in need of inner work. 

As I often told my students in my theology classes, Lent is more about cultivating a quality within oneself, or deepening one's relationship with God, or improving an aspect of one's life - such as becoming more giving, or compassionate or charitable - rather than a time for giving up something material or an indulgence - these are simply things that are more ephemeral and often quickly embraced again at Easter.

But I digress...

Sunday, I read a wonderful article in the paper about a mailman in Takoma, Maryland - whose postal route circumnavigates Willow Street Yoga Center, where I have studied, subbed and taught over the years - and so I read the article with great interest. This was the story I shared with my yoga students on Monday...

In anticipation of the reduction of mail delivery on Saturdays, this Takoma community reflected on the many ways in which this man, Dave Stacy, had touched their lives. For more than two decades - he had walked those streets with all his heart...

One resident described him as a blessing. Others noted he remembered birthdays, and where people lived. At times, he has brokered meetings between residents - linking those in need of a skill or trade - with someone exhibiting the needed expertise.

He carries a book of stamps to affix them on any envelope that happens to be missing one. He met his wife on his route. And on Saturdays, patrons and owners of various businesses and area eateries look forward to chatting with him.

This is what Dave Stacy simply said about his many years of service:

"I didn't want to just deliver the mail and not stop to chat."

Dave has touched many lives... He has gone everywhere, with all his heart...

It will be Valentine's Day on Thursday. It is a great day to take the time to put our hearts into doing something for someone. Perhaps someone we tend to overlook...

As I told my students this week:

Wherever you go, go there with all your heart.
Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.
Whatever you say, say it with all your heart. 

There is no other way to live life fully or deliberately or with meaning...


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