A Tear in Your Eye

Every once in a while, I write a poem, based on the tweets of a very gifted woman, by the name of Becky Bills. You can follow her on Twitter @Planethealer.

This morning I was inspired to write this one:

A Tear in Your Eye
“There’s a tear in your eye
that I will swim inside of,”
for I would gladly embrace
your pain, as if it were mine…
the only way out
is through it,
letting yourself be carried
by the currents
of this lifetime
“You can dance around it,
or with it,
either way the music
will move you…”
within you is all the power
and all the strength
you need
to soldier on,
for you are never alone!
to God’s luminous breath,
as Hafiz commanded
Shams of Tabriz,
beloved soul commanion
to the poet Rumi
wisely instructed:
“!nstead of resisting changes,
Let life be with you,
not against you.
If you think,
‘My life will be upside down,’
don’t worry!
How do you know down
is not better than up?”
You are supported by many—
a legion of souls and beings
seen and unseen
on every plane of existence
I walk with you,
humbly by your side—
two steps back,
ready to shoulder a fall
“My light has the sun
and the moon,”
and I will help light
your way, and
every step you take…
The love of a soul companion
is without bounds—
as eternal as the Infinite…
Such deep affection
and connection,
is expansive and tensile,
and like—
“my room has no ceiling…”
The only way out
is through…
I see the light
at the other end
of the tunnel, and
“I am dancing underneath
this skin!”
There is no you—
and there is no me…
There is no us—
and there is no them…
There is only,
And as One,
“I watched you struggle
and realized
you were me…”
“There is a tear
in your eye
that I will swim inside,”
All shall be well!

(Co-written with Becky Bills, @Planethealer,


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