Stumbling from Grace into Bliss

Sometimes, a word keeps showing up everywhere you look and everywhere you turn. 

Other times it might be an experience.

And sometimes, it's both at the same time...

The more we practice - particularly meditation - the more we come to inhabit a state of grace. Paramahansa Yogananda in his writings, described how the deeper one meditates, the deeper one can go - the range of depths and experiences can never be plumbed in this life time. We never arrive. There is always so much farther one can go in the practice and in communing with the Divine. I find a certain comfort in that.

Both Yogananda, and a gifted therapist I once visited, who was a devotee of Yogananda, asserted that over time, the practice of meditation leads one to inhabit a state of grace, more often than not. In time, the practice can lead to bliss, and eventually bliss will prevail as a state of being. It seems like such an amazing gift to me!

Lately, everything I hear, read, or listen to reminds me of the state of grace, which is nothing more and nothing less than a gift from the Divine.

This morning, Sherry, a lovely yogini, posted these words to great my day:

"All I desire is to be grace. 
Grace drenched in the awareness
and sweet nectar of the Divine."

Grace comes to us at times, when we least expect it. We might practice our whole lives, and never experience it. It always arrives in its own time, on its own terms and schedule - without any warning...

One morning you wake up, and you simply stumble into grace. And then, you stumble into bliss - and it permeates everything you do and see - every interaction you have - everything you say and think. It becomes the lens through which everything is perceived and experienced.

When you are in that place, everything is connected. A sense of oneness permeates everything - and every flower and animal that you encounter, speaks to you. Everything else speaks as well. You become engulfed in a cacophony of insights and messages freely disclosed by everything you encounter.

This morning, on my walk, an owl flew by me, and then perched itself on a branch just slightly ahead and looked down at me, quite sternly I might add, as if urgently trying to convey a message. I must admit, it scared the daylights out of me, practically giving me whip lash as it nearly brushed up against me!

When I came home I looked up the mean of owls and found that their presence reminds us to meditate, look deeply within, and trust what's inside - particularly when the depths within others is revealed to us, for owls point to that ability. Owls are also connected to wisdom.

Earlier this week, as I was searching for some music, this beautiful piece, by Felicia Starks came to me, as an unexpected gift. It is simply titled, "Day of Grace."

Today is one of those days.

Today is a day of grace.

In fact, every day, is a day of grace.

In time, one day of grace blends into another and yet another - until all days become a tapestry and embodiment of both grace and bliss.

Day of Grace

I know it's meant to be
That I should feel sometimes
Not everything I touch
Will turn to gold
That every lesson learned
Is a diamond in my crown
Though for years they appeared
To be nothing more than coal 

I love this life
Even when it hurts
Even when I'm weary from the rains
The power of Him
Lifts me up in this day of grace
This day of grace

Sometimes in a moment
Of despair and doubt
I'm blessed with eyes to see
The woman I will be
When mercy assures me
Of Heaven's perfect plan

I love this life...

Such a gift that we've been given
Perfect love that never ends
Washes over me
And makes me holy again

I love this life...

Felicia Starks, Day of Grace


Seeker said…
Lovely, Thanks for Sharing !
I believe and have heard My Guru say ~ Grace is always present, you just have become available to receive it :)
Much Love !
Olga Rasmussen said…
And love to you as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Blessings, Olga

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