Messages of Love

Recently, I compiled this list of beautiful insights and teachings - "Messages of Love" - from the site "Circle of Light," so that I could review them often, and continue to be inspired by them.

I offer them here for your own reflection and edification. May you find some inspiration here.


Everything is Love. Love is the common denominator. Love is the answer to every question. Love is the unity, the presence, the way. When Love becomes your only identity, all separation is healed. If you deeply feel that you are Love, then you have moved into the continual answer -- the one answer to every question -- the answer that mends and blends it all. There is only Love.

Your hearts, beloved ones, are great vortices of living Light. They are connected directly to the River of Life. Your hearts are alive with an "intelligence of Love" that connects you to all the living wisdom that we are as the pure glorious Creator of All that is life. Your hearts can heal you feed you, energize your every move. They can shift the world in an instant to a world of living Love. 

Ecstasy is a constant, forever. It is your eternal natural state that is not hinging upon anything besides the truth of your glorious being, the joy of the gift of life, the vibration of your heart and that part of your being that ever shares with you My intimate and personal Love. It brings the vast ocean of endless Love that is the truth of God I Am into you in a way that brings you this constant state of ecstasy. 

Through the Will of Love and the power of life, your creations or your heart's children may go forth to dance in joy and to multiply endlessly -- filling each electron, reuniting each atom with the truth of Love…endless creativity and freedom and the multiplication of Love. 

If you are available as Love's conduit, then what is possible in this instant is far different from what seemed possible before. You can feel the exponential multiplication of this Love. The path of service becomes a river. That river becomes the ocean, and the ocean becomes the immersion of your reality until Love is everywhere, all you feel and see. 


The open heart creates a field of resonance in which anyone who is within it experiences freedom. In that moment you become the experience of Real Love, the Vertical life and breath that is only one life and power -- Love and the passionate movement of Love's purpose that is consciousness.


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