Meditation Pure and Simple!

Yesterday I launched a YouTube channel called Meditation Pure and Simple!

It is one part of a much larger project to make meditation more accessible  to all, and the genesis of this project has been a long time coming...

The site will provide a daily 90 second meditation to help you center and relax.

Yes, you heard that right! Just 90 seconds out of your day that will result in a new you! I hope you will visit or subscribe to the channel, or any of the other sites where I post the videos. I have also created a Google+ and Facebook page for this purpose, also entitled Meditation Pure and Simple!

Meditation does not have to be hard. Just take one meditation break a day! Start with 90 seconds, and just watch what happens!

Have you had your meditation break today?

I've provided links to the first couple of uploads and links to the channel and other pages. Remember, these are only 90 seconds!

90 second Awareness Exercise: Observing the Breath:

90 second Affirmation: I Dwell in Possibility

Meditation Pure and Simple YouTube Channel:

Meditation Pure and Simple Facebook Page:

Meditation Pure and Simple Google+ Page:


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