The Joy of Change

The title for this post came after a particularly trying day for me, involving change and releasing the past. A dear friend noted that such an experience can ultimately be joyous, even when we cannot see it that way.

This morning, I reflected on the stories behind the two 90 second meditations I posted most recently.

Yesterday's meditation revolved around a story I heard years ago, but which became familiar to many after the movie "The Bucket List."

It is told, that before an ancient Egyptian was allowed to cross over into the afterlife, he or she was asked two questions:

"Did you find joy?
Did you bring joy?"

In other words, have you allowed yourself to experience joy in your life? And have you embodied, reflected, and shared it with others?

It seems simple enough, but often, we lives our quotidian lives without any joy, overlooking the simple things in life that can bring us joy: a smile, a friend's laugh, a warm cup of tea, birds chirping outside a window in the dead of winter...

Today's meditation centered around a prayer that Sri Gyanamata, a devotee of Yogananda often prayed:

"Change not the circumstances of my life.
Change me!"

In other words, do not take away my trials - but change the way I look at them, and how I accept them. It is not an easy task by any means - but it can be so freeing in the end. 

There is so much we cannot change or control in our lives. We could live by fretting over everything, being angry all the time - trying to change the behaviors of people around us, driving ourselves crazy in the end. Or, we can accept each and everyone just as they are. We can accept whatever comes our way, believing it is always in the Divine order of things, and what is meant to be.

I realize there are those who do not agree with me. It does not matter. I know there is a power greater than myself - and when I really do remain cognizant of it - I am more joyous. And free. And it happens because I changed my perspective. I let go. And I accepted things just as they are. But no one ever said it would be easy!

Still, every now and then, I do listen to birds chirping in the dead of winter, and I know that all shall be well!

For the meditations, visit Meditation Pure and Simple:


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