Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

"There is no fear in love; 
but perfect love casts out fear, 
because fear involves punishment, 
and the one who fears 
is not perfected in love."
~ 1 John 4:18

Perfect love, casts out all fear...

If we choose perfect love, then fear cannot reside within us...

I recall a dream, I had 25 years ago or more, where medieval monks in hooded robes, danced in a circle, holding hands, chanting over and over again:

"Perfect love,
casts out all fear!"

I woke with a start, somewhat fearful - ironically - not knowing why I had that dream... Perhaps it was meant to unfold with time, and it has...

When we have perfect love, we live from the heart. We can choose to live from this place, even when fear stubbornly wants to hold fast onto our souls...

Every day, we can choose perfect love over fear. We can choose to see love in everyone we meet, and in every situation that comes our way.

Today, and every day - choose love. Choose perfect love! Choose  to be the embodiment of perfect love in every way.

Today, on this commemoration of the MahaSamadhi of Paramahansa Yogananda, I end with portions of readings I read today:

"May thy love shine forever
on the sanctuary of my Devotion,
And may I be able to awaken
Thy Love in all hearts."

"God is fragrant in my love...
God is the light constantly
extinguishing the darkness 
of ignorance. He is the river
of life inundating the soil
of all souls."
~ Yogananda

"[God] ...wants us to live in the center of all things. 
He does not speak of a change of activities, 
a change in contacts, or even a change of pace. 
He speaks about a change of heart 
that makes everything different... 
What counts is where our hearts are. 
[We are asked] to move our hearts to the center, 
where all other things fall into place."

~ Henri Nouwen

"No matter what happened even a moment before, 
the present is always a new beginning. 
God's Mind rearranges time and space 
according to our willingness to love. 
Nothing in the world can stop 
the creative power of the universe...

Let me not forget that the universe 

is endlessly creating opportunities, 
following my lead whenever I choose to love. 
As I open my heart, life will birth itself through me. 
I will be amazed to see 
what comes forth from my heart."

~ Marianne Williamson, A Year of Miracles

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