Sowing Seeds to Reap Good Deeds

Sometimes, we have an impact far greater than we can imagine...

Most of our lives, we plant seeds and often do not have the opportunity to see or experience the fruits of our labor.

We do not see the impact we have on our students, our children, our friends - and even on perfect strangers. But every once in a while someone comes to us and let's us know that we changed them, perhaps even profoundly.

Yesterday, I heard from three people from my past. The funny thing is, the day didn't exactly start out very well. I was feeling kind of sorry for myself. But then, out of the blue, several souls intersected with mine and the impact of our connection years back was not only brought to mind, but I was also gifted with the ability to see how those connections had flourished in a positive way.

So, here is the thing. We are constantly planting seeds. We try to do our best. We try to say the right things, and be there for others. That's not to say we don't fail at times. Maybe even miserably. But every seed that we plant is like a ripple in a still lake. We do not see the ripple giving up its soul on a distant shore.

Keep sowing your seeds. And in time - whether it be in this lifetime or not - you will reap its rewards in the form of good deeds. It results in good karma.

I believe that every good word, every expression of love, every act of kindness - reverberates through the ethers eternally. And often, like a boomerang, it comes back to us, and reminds us, that somewhere along the line, we mattered to someone...


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