Angel Blessings

Yesterday, on my 59th birthday, I posted a 90 second meditation that explained how these started, almost a year ago.

Just barely into the New Year, I meditated and invited angels into my home. I was immediately guided to start making these 90 second daily meditations without knowing how. So I went online and quickly learned a very easy, but not particularly "professional" way of doing them.

However, a dear friend, who is a gifted and artistic angel herself by the name of Mary, quickly gave me a crash course on how to do these more beautifully on iMovie. And thus, I began to use roses from my rose bushes as the background to these meditations.

I had planted these roses as a gift to myself last November. Today, they are still blooming in defiance of the very unseasonal cold snap we are experiencing!

A little over a week ago, I found a beautiful angel painting online clasping red roses. I realized that in this lovely painting, the symbolism of this year came together for me - so of course - I had to have her! She arrived swiftly, and now hangs in my special room - my sanctuary - where I do all my spiritual work, write this blog, record meditations, and do my own meditation and prayer practice.

It is sacred space to me - a room with four altars filled with statues of saints and special figures and artifacts from many spiritual traditions  - facing the four directions. And now, my angel, close to the door opening into the room, surveys all that transpires here, and gives it her special energy!

I welcomed her into my life with a special ritual. I asked her for her name, which instantly came to me. I have chosen to keep it in my heart, sharing it only with a special few. But I can tell you that the significance of her name is perfect!

I spent the day beautifully - arising and meditating, going to the river for more spiritual practice - spending time with two dear friends - both named Mary - who came together for my sacred day. Then I went to church for more prayers.

I received many special messages and my heart is deeply touched and filled to the brim! All who truly mattered touched in and reached out!

I leave you with the following links...

The link to my posting yesterday on YouTube, also posted on a Facebook community page. Both pages are named Meditation Pure and Simple:

Here is the link to Karen Tarlton's work. She has a page on Facebook, and paints one unique painting a day.

And here is my blessed angel, looking over me right now. May she bless all of you as well!


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