And God Laughed!

Have you ever had one of those days that didn't quite go as you had expected?

Have you ever allowed your mind to run wild when things don't quite go your way, conjuring up a myriad of reasons why it may be so?

And how many times have reality and your thoughts not aligned?

I had one of those evenings last night...

Through a series of misfirings, miscommunications, assumptions, expectations - call it what you will - I did not connect with a friend at a recital last night. One of the churches that I attend was dedicating it's new organ for the first time, and a master organist had been invited to give a recital that was part worship, part dedication, and part concert.

I later reflected on what had happened - what I thought had happened - what I thought the reasons were, and then found myself thinking of a passage in scripture, where Sarah - the wife of Abraham the patriarch - is told that she would bear a son. She was quite past child bearing age - and she laughed in response. As God must have last night.

In the 70's, I went to the ordination of one of the first Episcopal women and one of the banners that was processed in bore the simple caption - "And Sarah laughed."

Well, here we were - my friend and I - sitting in the same church - listening to the same concert - neither aware that the other was there. One of us thought the other might not come. The other had every intention of being there. One of us had no phone service. And so it went on.

I sat there, lost in the reverie of my thoughts - disappointed - only because I had certain expectations - and yet I was profoundly moved by the music.

And yet, even in this experience, there was no separation. There was only oneness.

Earlier in the day, I had read a channeling that reminded me that the world is not always what we think it is. Things that happen or not - often do because of the limitations of our thinking. The Universe is much grander and capable of so much more than we give it credit for. All things truly are possible - and what we see or think - or imagine can be so off track at times.

This morning, one of the first things I read was the following quote by William Shakespeare:

"Expectation is the root of all heartache."


We live lives of expectation, of desiring control and so forth, when in reality such things are not truly possible. At least, not all the time...

What did I learn and what was I reminded of? Of the need to simply be. To enjoy the moment. To let go. To accept what is. To see things from a higher perspective. If we are able to do so, things will certainly go more smoothly!


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