Everything is Inside of You

I gather together with prayer companions during the middle of the week, and before we enter deeply into our meditation, I hear the lone cardinal that often visits during these times, trying to fly in through massive glass windows. He too, has been part of this circle of prayer warriors over the years, and he seems bent on trying to catch my attention.

I bring troubling concerns to this meditation, and then, out of nowhere, I shift gears stepping into an alternate universe where insights and peace flow freely, as I begin to settle in...

Poetic musings begin to flow effortlessly, enfolding me in a current of grace, as a gentle reminder, that indeed, all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well, as Julian of Norwich has insisted, since the 14th century...

"'The whole universe,
IS inside of you.
Therefore, ask all from yourself.'

So wrote the poet Rumi.

Everything that you need
Is already within you -
Waiting there patiently.

All the love that you need.
All the support that you need -
All the encouragement.

It is all inside of you - 
Waiting there patiently.

Indeed, all the answers.
All the insights that you need,
Are simply already inside you,
Waiting there, patiently.

Become the embodiment
Of everything that you need!

Only you can truly give yourself
All the Love that you need and want!

Only you can be for yourself,
What it is you want others to be.

St Francis de Sales had a very simple teaching:
'Be who you are,
and be that well!'

Lose yourself in the realization
That everything you need,
Is already inside of you!

Yes! Inside!
Waiting there patiently!

All the rest,
That comes to you,
Arrives unbidden,
As total Gift.

All the rest,
Is simply
Icing on the cake."

I sit there in the quiet, in a circle and web of connections, with my breath in suspended animation. In a split moment my consciousness and soul, are bathed in healing Light! I awaken to the deep awareness and realization of Rumi's wisdom, as alive today as it has ever been!


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