Kindness in 2017

It seemed that everywhere I went these last couple of days, and nearly everything I read contained an exhortation to practicing greater kindness in 2017. It was as if everyone woke up in the new year on the same page!

I had already resolved to practice greater kindness in all my endeavors, and I was indeed fortified in this resolution when I saw so many express similar desires on social media. Confidently, I stepped into this unseen sea of solidarity feeling the support of all committed to embodying this attribute, all over this planet.

Perhaps you are embracing a different resolution. But if you are not, may I suggest practicing being kind a little more regularly? The world certainly needs it!

One beautiful newsletter I read was titled: "Don't be mean in '17! 

Even a list on 10 suggested practices for self care in the new year included being kind to yourself. Sometimes being kind to ourselves is much harder than being kind to each other. Resolve to become more aware of negative self-talk and banish it once and for all!

At the very end of the newsletter was a picture of a pillow with the word kindness on it. A friend, who is pastor of a large congregation remarked on it, assuming it was mine, and asked me where I got it! He had decided that this would be his theme for the year.

This morning, I saw this lovely post by Every Day Spirit, further nudging and reminding me to embrace this practice at all times and in all places. After all, the Dalai Lama himself reminds us that it is ALWAYS possible to practice kindness!


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