Love Yourself First

I finished reading three books this week, and in all of them I found this essential message repeated, over and over again, in various permutations: 

Love yourself first, then you can love others.

Appreciate who you are. Do not put yourself down. Do not sell yourself short. The poet Rumi once wrote:

"The whole Universe is inside of you.
Ask all from yourself."

You have everything that you need. Right now. In this moment. A dear soul reminded me of that last night. No matter how bleak, or dark things may be - there is a Light that shines within you. Why?

Because you ARE Love - you are a fragment of the Universal Force that binds us all.

But, you have to recognize it. And accept it first.

Then you can shine that Light and Love for others.

But start with yourself.



And every day!

(Photo by Veronica Martinez)


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