Gifts from the Sea

"Cooperation is key for you at the moment.
Let go of ego and work it out."
~ Pelican

I walk the shoreline of the ocean, as often as three times a day. Sometimes more, hungrily trying to make up for my many years of absence.

With each step I bathe and ground my feet in the healing salt waters.

Every time I visit, I receive gifts from the sea - of insight. Of wisdom. And actual physical ones as well.

Sometimes I receive shells. Yesterday an un usual rainbow colored one appeared at my feet on a long walk.

Yesterday I also received a pelican feather. Not once - but twice!

Mind you, I rarely receive feathers, but recently two came to me - one from a cardinal and another from a vulture. I quickly looked up their meaning as totem animals.

I have been treated to a convocation of pelicans, gathering daily in the same general vicinity, so yesterday I looked up the significance of pelicans. Here are some of the insights I come across from several sources:

If Pelican appears to you, it is trying to tell you that you need to take some time for yourself and journey inward. Something may be slightly off, so spend time with loved ones to bring things back into balance...

Try to float through the things that life presents you with...

Pelicans perch themselves in advantageous spots to be able to avail themselves of useful resources, which they quickly pluck from the sea.

A pelican brings reminders and messages of sacrifice, nourishment, and resurrection. Some of the characteristics it calls to mind are wisdom, humility, friendliness, self-sacrifice, and transformation.

Pelicans have the capacity to take in a great deal. They can also bring your awareness to the dynamic tension that exists between your thoughts and emotions...

I go to greet the rising sun this morning, and to express my gratitude to the mighty sea for all that it has offered me these last few days. I am both humbled and awed and beyond grateful.

I walk along the beach, as the sun continues to rise towards its apex in the sky, showering me with warmth. And I continue to receive incredible insights from my support system from the beyond.

What messages are you receiving? Which ones are you ignoring? I believe we continue to receive these until we notice them - respond to them - and internalize them. 

Today, take time to listen. See what gifts are given to you. You do not have to be at the sea. Gifts are waiting for you - right where you are. Under your eyes. Your ears. Your nose. They are as close to you as your very own heart. Find them!


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