You Can't Step into the Same Ocean Thrice

"You cannot step into the same river twice..."

This quote, attributed to Heraclitus, arises in my heart.

I stare in awe, at the broad expanse of the ocean in front of me, having risen to meet a new dawning and say to myself - 

"You cannot step into the same ocean thrice..."

You cannot step into the same day.

You cannot hold on to anything - therefore, you cannot hold on to any of your yesterdays - or the days that are yet to unfold. 

You cannot hold on to what was - or what will be.

You cannot hold on to love - or to your relationships - you cannot hold on to your past - or to any part of your life.

But somehow, we manage to hold on to the things that take away from our magnificence and that make us small - like fear and resentment. And attachment. We will somehow allow those things to consume us, sometimes for a lifetime - keeping us apart from others, and impeding our growth and development.

But these things that we latch on to, do not define us. They are not who we are. Just like every new dawn, we can and do begin anew, whether we are conscious of it or not. We can cast off anything and everything.

This is the lesson that the mighty ocean offers me today.

I cannot step into the same river twice.

I cannot step into the same ocean thrice.

It is not the same.

And neither am I.

We are magnificent. We are made of the stars - in the image and likeness of the Divine - and of the Universe itself.

Today, and every day, resolve to begin anew. Without fear. Letting go of something that holds you back. Perhaps it is even a thought. Or a belief.

And know, that the best is yet to unfold. Somehow. Somewhere. 

Step in anew.

Begin again.


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