Your Life and Work Matters

I rise in the early dawn and go for a walk, in the crisp cool air. 

The sun is rising a little later than it did three weeks ago, and the the coolness of the morning and delayed dawning, serve as a reminder that the fall season is not far behind.

I receive subtle messages with every step I take it seems, but the one that is thrusted upon me most powerfully is simply this:

"Your life matters.
Your work matters.
Whom you touch - and reach, 
all throughout the world, matters."

It's message will not be ignored. Those on the other side seem to be literally yelling it into my ears. And so it comes up again and again in various permutations.

"Everything you do, matters."

Nothing that I - or you do - is without significance. Each one of our actions has an impact. And I believe, if we put all of our actions together in the balance, for most of us, the good deeds outweigh the bad. Really. There are few exceptions. This I believe. Firmly. Strongly...

It is the little things that matter the most: Smiling at someone, perhaps a stranger - extending a helping hand - offering to do something for someone - being kind to others - and to all of God's creatures...

"It is the offering 
of your life,
and hands, that matter."

Each and everyone of us has made a difference. But now is the time to make even more of a difference. The world needs you - and your unique gifts. Offer them up! Selflessly, and completely! We can all change the world - one person - and one deed at a time! Let's do this!

I take a few more steps, and find not one, not two - but fourteen feathers at my feet! The angels have been gracing me with many of them lately. I think they are definitely trying to get my attention and make a point!

And for good measure, later when I leave my prayer group, I find one more feather at my feet!

What you do matters. What you offer. What you give. But ultimately -

YOU matter!


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