The River in Indian Summer

Today was one of those days where you wake up only to receive unexpected blessings and opportunities! Needless to say, while I had envisioned a day of emptying and cleaning out closets, other things wonderful things evolved. I received and accepted one teaching opportunity, and entertained another possibility as well.

The day was amazingly beautiful, so at noon I did manage to steal away to go down to the river for an hour.

I met a couple of paddlers getting ready to set out and bantered back and forth with them. They were amazed I just slip Grace, my kayak, into the back of my truck and drive down to the river. As I pointed out, I can do this because I live a mile away, and I can literally be in the water in 10 minutes after loading and leaving my house. I don't have to hassle with hoisting Grace onto my roof and tying her down.

It was breezy and actually hot on the river, it got up into the 80's. There were more discernible and distinct colors on the trees - more yellows - with an occasional strip of orange or a cluster of reds here and there. But the trees have a bit to go to get to their peak.

It felt delicious to paddle - though it was work - the currents were strong - and even paddling back took more effort than usual.

On my way back, I passed the paddlers I had first encountered at the boat launch who assured me that a restaurant and bar awaited on the other side of the island - or at least there would be one there once they turned the corner! We laughed. I also passed some fishermen that waved to me. Everyone seemed in wonderful spirits today and were very friendly.

I enjoyed the silence of the river for a while, and reflected on a number of quotes I had "tweeted" on the subject, and would like to share them here. It was so very interesting, because in my interactions with a few other yoga teachers today, they too, talked about the role of silence in their lives. Once again, it was an example of being in the flow of grace!

"By cultivating silence,
we can find and release deeper levels of pain -
discover what is beneath it,
and rise and flow."
~ Gunilla Norris

"By making room for silence
we resist the forces of the world."
~ Gunilla Norris

"When we make a place for silence,
we make room for ourselves.
This is simple. And it is radical."
~ Gunilla Norris

"Silence is the source of all that exists.
Silence reveals. Silence heals."
~ Gunilla Norris

"Within each of us there is a silence
as vast as the universe.
When we experience it,
we remember who we are."
~ Gunilla Norris

And a couple of others that spoke to me...

"A crisis is a holy summons
to cross a threshold."
~ Sue Mark Kidd

"The deeper that sorrow carves
into your being,
the more joy you can contain."
~ Kahlil Gibran

"Do not procrastinate.
Start to love from this very moment.
Do not forget the Beloved for an instant."

"Love given, never stops flowing:
on and onward love flows
like a river with no name:
the hearts of all on its shores.


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