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A Gratitude Practice at the River

"May I be kind and merciful. May I be humble and compassionate. May I be loving and forgiving. " Twelve years ago this week, I began this blog. It has taken many shapes and served many purposes throughout the years. This morning, on this Thanksgiving week, I went down to the river to do a gratitude practice. I was reminded of a "Gratitude Litany" I had created a few years ago as a 90 second meditation. As I did my practice, I found myself voicing these words out loud into the blue expanse before me as a white egret floated quietly on the river: "May I be kind and merciful. May I be humble and compassionate. May I be loving and forgiving. " Practices do not have to be elaborate. They need not consume hours of our time. Just a few minutes of our time to be mindful of those in need that we know - and those we don't - is all that is required. Just a few moments of presence and of gratitude will go a long way to changing us, our lives

Unexpected Peace and Blessings

Reminders of the power of offering peace and blessings to others, sometimes arrives unexpectedly in our lives.  Like at Costco. Seriously! I was on my way out of Costco this morning, having run in just to get batteries for my new flameless candles which were destined for my fireplace. All I meant to do was to zip in - and just as quickly zip out. Being the introvert that I am, my favorite time to hit the stores is when they open or fairly early during the day, when they are still not relatively crowded or busy.  I was just on my way out, when the elderly Middle Eastern man who has worked there more than a quarter of a century greeted me. I had not seen him lately and had been wondering about him. He is always cheerful, mindful, and I often overhear him dispensing blessings to all he encounters as he checks our receipts and purchases. I stood there for a moment - it wasn't busy, mind you. I looked him in the eye, thanked him, and wished him a good day. He stood still