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The Season Invites Us to Journey Inward

Our ancestors lived in rhythm with nature. After the harvest, time was spent inside, repairing those things that were in need of repair before the spring and planting season commenced all over again. Our forebears adapted naturally to a season which invited them to go to bed earlier - and sleep much longer than we do today. The shorter days and longer nights helped them entrain with nature and journey inward, by perhaps reading a bit, or writing letters, or catching up with others. Even animals observed this practice of slowing down as they prepared for the barren winter with many settling down for a period of hibernation. But we - in this day and age - have accelerated our pace of living. With artificial lights we stay up much longer than we should and we throw off our natural inclinations and rhythm by succumbing to over-stimulation of all sorts. We in essence, do the opposite of what we are wired to do - going out at all hours of the day and night - sleeping very little -

Morning Stillness

"A simple but radical spiritual practice  is to accept whatever arises in the Now -  within and without."  ~Eckart Tolle The river was perfectly still this morning. And I considered how there is stillness, even in the eye of a storm - perhaps reminding me how the coming season becomes very much like a storm as we forget the reason for the season and why we celebrate the various traditions that we do. It's all ultimately about love - it's experience and expression in community with those we love, and those that are difficult to love as well... Those of you who have followed this blog over the years know that river is a metaphor for my life. It either reflects my current state of being - or teaches me what I need to learn... Last week, a dear friend gave me the book Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle. I had read it years ago, but took it as a sign that I should read it again. And so I placed it on my nightstand, that I could absorb small morsels at a time.

Honoring Our Ancestors

There was such a stillness at the river this morning. And though the air was crisp - the day also began in a very bright and quiet manner... I did my river meditations, very mindful of my grandmother, whose 107 birthday it would have been today. She crossed over into eternity just shy of 90, and mere days before the birth of a great-grandson... Years ago, she came to me through a gifted healer to deliver three messages. Two of them were meant for my mother, but one was meant specifically for me. I have treasured that message ever since. It confirmed that she was watching, following, and guiding me from behind the veil... Earlier this week, on my birthday, I participated on a conference call with Dr. Katy Poole, a Sanskrit scholar, yogic philosopher, and Vedic astrologer. She interpreted the signs in the sky for that day and in particular noted the significance of these signs for each caller on the line. I learned that the moon and the sun were in the same position on my birthda

An Auspicious Day

I awaken to a gentle falling rain and go down to the river to give thanks for the gift of life and another year of life as well. In many cultures, it is very auspicious for rain to fall on one's birthday. Though it is cold and windy, I do my river ablutions and step into the river, allowing my feet to get wet as a sort of baptism and connection to the spirit of this body of water. I say my river meditations and prayers and take in the broad expanse of the riverbank now almost totally denuded by the fallen leaves... It is a special day I am told - for this year my birthday falls during a total solar eclipse, as well as a New Moon - in addition to occurring during the celebration of Diwali - the Indian festival of lights. It is a time heralding transformation and change and I am also told, that a birthday on such a day brings abundance on many levels as well... In a year of so much change and transition I look forward to new beginnings and a change in direction, for as I have s

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

"Simplify, simplify, simplify!" ~ Henry David Thoreau I have loved this quote ever since I saw it on a T shirt in the gift store at Walden Pond, fifteen or more years ago. It seems that all of my life I've had this urge to simplify, yet at the same time I've struggled with all that it entails. Last week we moved my son into the first apartment he's had on his own. Up until now, he's had roommates since he graduated from college. This was his first venture living completely on his own. As I packed and unpacked his belongings, lovingly putting everything into its place, I marveled at the dimensions of his one bedroom apartment in a high rise, that while new and inviting, was much smaller than any of the apartments I had ever lived in. But, my son is a pretty frugal guy, and even when everything was all put away, there were still plenty of empty drawers and spaces. It got me to thinking - what would I choose today to bring with me if I had to downsize