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Filled to the Brim

Every now and then, we have days that are magical... We have days overflowing with love, and grace, and gratitude, and connection... We have days that are filled to the brim! I had one of those days, yesterday... It began the previous evening, as I meditated and prayed in bed for so many who had made requests. And as I did so, I was overwhelmed with compassion and love - with bliss and peace - and light in even in the dark of night. I knew that somehow, all would be well. The next day I awoke overflowing with the same feelings, and I quickly began my day filled with errands of all sorts. After my first stop, I realized I had begun my day without having taken the time to enjoy my morning cup of coffee, and almost immediately, I saw a slight man - trying to stay warm, opening up and organizing his coffee cart - on this brisk, nippy morning, that was barely out of the 30's! Who makes coffee in that kind of weather - outside? I approached him and asked him if he was open.

Gift of Angels

I believe in the power of angels -  both seen, and unseen... "What is an angel? And what do they do?" I came across a review on a book titled The Physics of Angels , co-written by Matthew Fox, whose seminal theological works were very formative for me when I studied theology in the seventies, and Rupert Sheldrake, a physicist. The review goes on to note that angels are powerful and terrifying. They enter into our lives by telling us not be afraid of them. But they are also protectors and can assist us in all of our endeavors and intuitions. They can guard and defend us in so many ways, and can contribute to our happiness.  I have noted elsewhere in this blog, that I began this year by inviting the energy of angels into my life, and in a recent post I shared with you the picture of an angel, painted by a gifted artist, Karen Tarlton, which I gave myself as a present for my 59th birthday. In many ways, she was emblematic of this past year for me. I chose to gift mys