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Love One Another

"We clasp the hands of those who go before us." ~ Wendell Berry I am somewhat jolted out of my dream state, that is both vivid and lucid - having been visited by two wise beings that have passed on - one over a half century ago and a relative, and the other, a nun I worked with, thirty-some years ago. I feel their presence - their eyes fixed upon me. It all seems so real, and then I am awake. In response I am moved to make a special post on social media: "Today, let us create a circle of healing energy. Receive if needed, Put some into the circle - If you can give. Let's Light up the world!" I sit quietly in church, reflecting on my dream, receiving many insights about my visitation at this moment in time, and am moved profoundly. I also send healing energy to my healing circle, filling it up for all those who may need of it. The chosen readings of the day stun me, and I see the connection between my dream and the messages received, an

Hand Over Heart

I walk briskly on this crisp fall morning, with leaves falling all about and with many thoughts in my head and heart as well, and I am surprised to be pointed in a different direction today. I arrive at a beautiful pond, and sit at the bench all by myself, with only mallard ducks and geese in the water to accompany me... It is easy, at a tumultuous time like this to get caught up in all the drama. And I receive a message for that as I sit quietly in the stillness and silence, punctuated only by an occasional flapping of wings... "Shine your Light! And let go of the drama!" I feel saddened by how empty everything feels - and how small my world is becoming, and another message is given for that as well... "You are never alone! You are supported in ways Seen and Unseen, close to you as your very own heart! Place your hands over your heart. Feel the warmth that arises. The comfort. The LOVE! Your angels and guides and loved ones, passed on,

Moving from Doing to Being

I am moving... Not physically. At least not yet. But I AM moving and flowing - from doing to being... It is part of letting go on a bigger scale - of all the things I once thought defined me... Of all the things that once brought me joy, but no longer do... On my brisk fall walk this morning, I realized, that I am moving from doing to being... I am letting go of one - and becoming the other. I am moving and flowing from doing INTO being... I no longer want schedules, or appointments tying me down... I let go of "shoulds" and "having to" with great abandon, and supplant them instead, with "I want to." This presupposes living in the moment... I go through my house, and find new homes for articles that will still bring joy and be of use to friends who are educators and at the forefront of shaping a new generation... I give thoughtful consideration to what I have, and to whom it may still be of use... Yes, I let go... Of collections and w

Offer and Surrender Your Intentions

Recently, a friend suggested placing my intentions in a special container - a prayer box, or jar, or whatever I might find suitable. It is a practice that I've turned to time and time again, but it seemed to once more draw me, in this moment, in our world, where there is so much need on so many levels. I had a prayer jar I have used in the past, but wanted something different, so I re-appropriated a small box with dancing Sufis, or "Rumis," as I like to think of them, which I had gotten in Istanbul. I wrote my intentions, and put them into this box and lit a candle, and sat down to meditate. I have done this many times before. But this time, I added the practice of surrendering my intentions. This does not come easily to me. Yes, like many, I ask for things often. But I also seem to have a roadmap for how things should go - how they should be solved. The notion of asking and surrendering, and trusting that all would be resolved in its own time, in the best possi