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Surfing Transformation

This month is nearly over - and the summer is now officially for me - two thirds of the way through as well... It was not the kind of summer I had originally envisioned for there were so many unexpected turns that were taken. But in my heart of hearts, I know that everything was as it needed to be - and indeed, everything is always as it should be... I spent Saturday afternoon and early evening, attending Sally Kempton's workshop, titled - "Surfing Transformation: How to Navigate Your Journey of Inner Awakening and Change," at Willow Street Yoga Center. I have regularly attended Sally's workshops, and it was also wonderful to return to Willow Street and see so many friends. As always, Sally had much to say that was helpful to me. Her insights and the practices she led us through were particularly meaningful. In fact, a couple of the practices resulted in one of the most profound "aha!" moments that I have had - and I know I will be sitting with those

You Kiss Me Awake (Poem)

A few days ago, I heard from someone I connected with years ago on Twitter . She is a gifted writer who posts these short, poetic musings I have always loved and found inspirational. A couple of years ago, I wove some of them into a poem. This wonderful, creative soul, told me, that even after all this time, she still adores this poem. I read through it again, and the feelings I had when I wrote it, came back tumbling into my heart - and so, I share it here with you! You Kiss Me Awake My love is eternal-- Once given It cannot be rescinded Or lessened in any way My love is eternal- - And the beat of my heart Goes forth into the Universe To vibrate there forever I shall love you eternally Despite trials and tribulations, Through painful separations And the sweetest reunions I slumbered for centuries Waiting patiently for you: "Whisper here- in the ear in my chest." I listen carefully, Not wanting to miss The sound of your heart Beating against mine

Ruminations With My First Cup of Coffee

This morning, as I sat down with my first cup of coffee, I pondered these questions, and then, I sent them to a select few, telling them, that I didn't expect answers from them, but I got some incredible insights and responses back from pretty incredible people anyway. Perhaps my first "mistake" was deciding to have a cup of coffee before sitting down to meditate: "So many great teachers - Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Buddhist practitioners, and Hindu sages - instruct that the key to happiness, well-being, and so forth - is accepting what is - and letting go... But, while I believe this on some level, it also does not resonate on other levels... If we accepted what is, all of the time - we would not change philosophically, ideologically, scientifically, or spiritually... If someone didn't think outside of the box - great discoveries or advances would not have been made. If we accept what is - do we fully awaken? Or - maybe it is possible that we awaken when we accep