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Sanctifying A New Year with Joy and Grace

I usher in my 60th birthday with a number of special practices... On the eve of my birthday, I spend time in a nearby church, praying and setting my intentions, not just for the coming year, but for the remaining days of my life... I awaken with prayers on my lips - of gratitude - impregnated with my with intentions in the early dawn... I make haste to make my way to my yoga space, to begin my practice of sanctifying the coming year... I walk a personal labyrinth, and set my intentions once again in the early morning - which is sunny and brilliant after a grey day of rain... Ten years ago, on my 50th, I visited the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France, overwhelmed by the energy of centuries of fervent prayers poured over those worn stones, illuminated by the most brilliant and exquisite stained glass... And while I was not able to visit France this year, and I am grieved by the terrorist attack on the city of Paris, I join in solidarity with all the souls sending praye