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Throw Your Spear into the Heart of Fear!

In my last entry, I shared with you the aftermath of my cataract surgery, and how the results were not quite what I had expected and how it made me very fearful. As a result, I started doing this practice, which I am about to share with you,  to deal with my fears about the outcome of my first surgery, and other fears I was struggling with as well. Like many of you, I too, have struggled not only with fear, but with anxiety and depression as well over the years. In so many ways, they are all related. This "practice" literally came out of nowhere. Well, it always comes from somewhere. Sometimes we are simply inspired from the Other Side when we need some extra help. It always seems to come. If we are willing to be still. And just listen. The image that came to me was this... I saw myself as Gal Gadot in the movie "Wonder Woman" - complete with her spear and shield. I loved her in that movie. I visualized the object of my fear in front of me. I took

Seeing 20/20

Like many of you, I began this new month, new year, and new decade, full of expectations. But so far, this year of 2020, is all the more significant because I had cataract surgery. What I came to realize is, that even though my sight seemed better the day after the first surgery, there have been many fluctuations, and that perhaps the idea of seeing 20/20 was more symbolic of seeing in a different way. Perhaps it was about seeing more deeply.  Not on the outside. But on the inside. Since reading is very difficult for me at the moment, I have had to make some adjustments in my daily schedule, such as in making time to listen to things more. Luckily, I have a vast arsenal of podcasts, recorded lectures, and so forth to keep me entertained. It also means I need to sit, or recline, and close my eyes and rest more often. It's all good. I never realized how sight dependent I am. Or how much reading I actually do on a daily basis. But here is the thing. For nearly a year, I ha